Ajmal Mian

The School of Computer Science and Software Engineering, The University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia.


  • Predicting Athlete Ground Reaction Forces and Moments From Spatio-temporal Driven CNN Models

    Conventional methods to generate biomechanical data, required for traditional inverse dynamics estimation of athlete joint forces and loads, are confined to biomechanics laboratories far removed from the sporting field of play. This study used deep learning to predict 3D ground reaction forces and moments (GRF/M) from legacy marker-based motion capture sidestepping trials, ranking correspondence of multivariate regression from five convolutional neural network (CNN) models against ground truth force plate data. By fine-tuning from CaffeNet, a model derivative of ImageNet, mean predicted GRF/M correlations to ground truth above 0.97 were achieved for complex sport-related movements.


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