Mantalena Sarafianou

Mantalena Sarafianou

Mantalena Sarafianou received her undergraduate degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece in 2007 and graduated with a MSC and PhD in Communication Systems and Signal Processing from the University of Bristol, UK in 2008 and 2012, respectively. Her research interests include antennas, wireless communications, signal processing and microwave breast imaging.


  • Compound Radar Approach for Breast Imaging
    Compound Radar Approach for Breast Imaging

    This paper considers the problem of detecting tumour targets within breast phantoms using multistatic radar. To accurately image small, potentially cancerous targets, a significant number of multistatic channels are required in order to adequately calibrate-out unwanted skin reflections and increase immunity to clutter. However, increasing the density of antennas within an array is inevitably limited by the geometry of the microwave elements designed for biological applications. A novel compound imaging approach is presented to overcome these constraints and improve the imaging performance of a multistatic radar modality. Experimental data is acquired to evaluate the algorithm using constructed phantoms of varying complexity.


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