Pei-Yu Chen

Department of Biomedical Engineering, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan


  • In vivo Visualization of Vasculature in Adult Zebrafish by High Frequency Ultrafast Ultrasound Imaging
    In vivo Visualization of Vasculature in Adult Zebrafish by using High-Frequency Ultrafast Ultrasound Imaging

    Zebrafish has recently become a crucial animal model for studying human diseases. However, when a zebrafish matures completely, its body loses transparency, making conventional optical imaging techniques difficult for visualizing the vessels. In the present study, high-frequency (40-MHz) micro-Doppler imaging (HFμDI) based on ultrafast ultrasound imaging was proposed for adult zebrafish dorsal vascular mapping in vivo. Blood flow signals were extracted using an eigen-based clutter filter. Blood vessels were clearly observed in 2D and 3D HFμDI. The minimal diameter of vessel can be detected was 36 μm. The maximum flow velocity range was approximately 3–4 mm/s on the dorsal vessels.


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