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  • A Functional-genetic Scheme for Seizure Forecasting in Canine Epilepsy

    A Functional-genetic Scheme for Seizure Forecasting in Canine Epilepsy

    Seizure prediction is currently a major concern in the epilepsy research community. In this work, we have proposed a new strategy to achieve accurate seizure forecasting by combining effective connectivity measures and artificial intelligence techniques. Results show performance improvement compared to previous studies, achieving average sensitivity of 84.82% and time in warning of 0.1.

  • Steerable Catheters in Cardiology: Classifying Steerability and Assessing Future Challenges

    Various degrees of steerability are available and numerous techniques are being developed to achieve steerability in steerable catheters in cardiology. To get insight into the different steering options, existing, patented, and experimental options are classified with respect to their steerability. Five main categories of steering are found. Using the classification as a tool for defining future requirements and challenges for steerable cardiac catheters, the approach proves to be invaluable for application-driven design, providing room for dedicated systems and patient-specific treatment in the future.


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