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  • A Single-Scan Inhomogeneity-Tolerant NMR Method

    A Single-Scan Inhomogeneity-Tolerant NMR Method for High-Resolution 2D J-Resolved Spectroscopy

    2D homonuclear J-resolved NMR spectroscopy has been widely applied to molecular conformational elucidation, metabolite analysis and in vivo study. However, conventional 2D J-resolved experiments generally suffer from two intrinsic issues, namely long acquisition duration and magnetic field inhomogeneity. Herein, a general single-scan NMR method, SGEN-J, is proposed to address aforementioned two crucial issues, thus applicable to rapidly detecting biological tissues with intrinsic susceptibility variations and abundant metabolites. Experiments of SGEN-J on various chemical and biological samples were performed to demonstrate its feasibility and effectiveness for molecular structure elucidation, biomedical study, even potential in vivo study.


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