Patrick D. Byrnes

The School of Engineering, Penn State Erie, The Behrend College, Erie, PA


  • Efficient Bronchoscopic Video Summarization
    Efficient Bronchoscopic Video Summarization

    Guided by the bronchoscope’s video stream, a physician can navigate the complex three-dimensional (3-D) airway tree to collect tissue samples or administer a disease treatment. Unfortunately, physicians currently discard procedural video because of the overwhelming amount of data generated. We propose a robust automatic method for summarizing an endobronchial video stream. Overall, the method derives a true hierarchical decomposition from a procedural video, consisting of a shot set and constituent keyframe set. Results show that our method more efficiently covers the observed endobronchial regions than other keyframe-selection approaches and facilitates direct fusion with a patient’s 3-D chest computed-tomography scan.


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