Robert E. Kearney

Robert E. Kearney

Dr. Kearney received his undergraduate (1968), Masters (1971) and PhD (1971) degrees in Mechanical Engineering from McGill University. He is currently Professor and Chair of the Department of Biomedical Engineering in the faculty of Medicine at McGill University. He maintains an active research program that focuses on using quantitative engineering techniques to address important biomedical problems. Specific areas of research include: The development of algorithms and tools for biomedical system identification; the application of system identification to understand the role played by peripheral mechanisms in the control of posture and movement; and the development of signal processing and machine learning methods for respiratory monitoring. His research is supported by NSERC, CIHR, and the Qatar National Research Fund. Dr. Kearney is a professional engineering, a Fellow of the IEEE, the Engineering Institute of Canada, the American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering.



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