Yajing Shen

Yajing Shen is with the Department of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering, City University of Hong Kong


  • Achieve Automated Organelle Biopsy on Small Single Cells Using a Cell Surgery Robotic System
    Achieving Automated Organelle Biopsy on Small Single Cells Using a Cell Surgery Robotic System

    A robotic surgery system to achieve automated organelle biopsy of single cells with dimensions of less than 20 µm in diameter is presented. A microfludic device is used to pattern cells in 1D array. A sliding mode nonlinear controller is developed to enable extraction of organelles, such as the mitochondria and the nucleus, from single cells with high precision. An image processing algorithm is also developed to automatically detect the position of the desired organelle. Experiments of automated extraction of mitochondria and nucleus from human acute promyelocytic leukemia cells and human fibroblast cells are performed. The results presented here have revealed that the proposed approach of automated organelle biopsy on single small cells is feasible.

  • An Automated Method for Multi-DOF Cell Rotational Control Contributing to Orientation-based Cell Surgery Applications

    An autonomous control framework for cell out-of-plane reorientation has been proposed by utilizing a robot-tweezers cell manipulation system. A serious of experiments that include cell in-plane, out-of-plane rotational control and cellular orientation-based enucleation manipulation have been performed, demonstrating the necessity and significance of cell orientation control involved in many cell surgery studies. The outcome of this study represents an advancement in single cell manipulation, and contributes to many cellular orientation-based cell surgery applications, such as cell nucleus biopsy and transplantation, cloning technology, and PGD.


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